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Becan Tanja
04.11.2010 16:45 - 17:30 - Heckscher-Klinikum

Parents as Partners

À la personne

I have been working in Ledina Hospital School since 1982. In 1996 I had become the headmaster of Ledina Hospital School.

Since 1988 I am active in HOPE organisation, I was also the Board member of HOPE (2000 -2006). I had actively (with lectures or with posters) participated in all Hope congresses till now.. I was working very actively in Atelier 15 - I stopped when we had written the charter of educational rights of sick children. I was also the chaiman of organisation of hospital teachers in Slovenija for several years. I participated in the writing the law for special needs of sick children in Slovenija (in the Minisitry of education in Slovenija).

I have a lot of lectures for schools and parents about the inclusion of sick pupils in every day school life.


Au atelier

In my lecture I would like to demonstrate (case study) how important are the parents as partners in our work. I also would like to demostrate  how sometimes, despite all our efforts, parents can\'t become  our partners. There are various reasons for this, but I wolud like to emphasise that we have to be honest with ourselves, saying - Really, we had tried everything, but we failed. Can we, teachers for sick children say to ourselves,that we have not been succesful, that we  failed?

I think taht the discusiion on this matter can be very good.      

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